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I imagine, create &
produce contents for brands, studios and agencies.

I imagine, create & produce contents for brands, studios and agencies.

I’m an independent creative specialized in CGI direction and production. Within 10+ years of experience as an art director I collaborated with multiple advertising agencies, studios and brands.

In 2017 I started to learn 3D by myself and since then I have dedicated my craft to this medium.

I’m always keen to learn and expand my knowledge in this field, that’s why I spend a good amount of time experimenting.

A tale for your
coffee break

A tale for your coffee break

Few years ago I was working as a lawyer in Poland and had no IT experience whatsoever. My path to where I am now was paved with many challenges, inspirations and wonderful people helping me move to UX, Webflow and Ireland.

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Irish cliff on a sunny day surrounded by deep blue ocean waters
Values I go

Values I go through

You can always be kind

Kindness doesn’t cost anything. Whatever I do and wherever I am I try to never be or act like an asshole. I’m working each day to be more kind, emphatetic and respectful to whatever life gives us.

Communicate honestly

I strongly believe that most conflicts between people happens when we don’t say what we should say because of fear. In any communication I am always 100% honest and upfront about things.

Bridge the gaps

As a huge Webflow and no-code enthusiast I believe in bridging gaps between designers, developers and marketers. We have tools enabling us to empower more people to be skilled in multiple creative ways and use those skills to create growth and prosperity.

Take a breather

When I’m working I give 100% of my focus to it, but work is not the most important thing in the world. My favourites way of recharging are talks, walks, travels, listening to vinyl records and playing live music with other people.