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Hello, I'm specialized
in CGI Direction and Production.

Hello, I'm specialized
in CGI direction and production.

driven aesthetic

Technology driven aesthetic

I’m an independent creative specialized in CGI direction and production. Within 10+ years of experience as an art director I collaborated with multiple advertising agencies, studios and brands.

In 2017 I started to learn 3D by myself and since then I have dedicated my craft to this medium.

I’m always keen to learn and expand my knowledge in this field, that’s why I spend a good amount of time experimenting.

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Adidas Brand Exp

I teamed up with R.N.A to develop and produce a brand video that explore the new creative direction of Adidas Original.

Swipe Bag - Coperni

Personal exploration - Swipe bag modelling, art direction and CGI production.

Adidas x ArtBasel

I collaborated with Adidas and RNA to create and produce the world's first digital gear collection. This collection featured eight distinct digital garments, for a total of sixteen unique digital gears. The collection was presented during Miami Art Basel.

Lunettiq - Eyewear

I teamed up with Lunettiq to create a series of visual storytelling showcasing the new frame design named Predator.

Digital human

Personal exploration - Digital Human.

Over the years I have worked with very diverse clients. I have worked with creative directors, producers, designers and developers from brands, agencies, studios and small businesses.

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